1. Thomas W. WILLIAMS (1)(2) was born November, 1828 in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana. He died in 1907 at the age of
79 and was buried in Whitehall Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.  His cause of death as listed on Frances Adeline's
Widows Application for Pension was "kidney trouble".  Thomas could not read or write.

He married Frances Adeline PRICE on January 16, 1857 in Columbia County, Arkansas at the age of 28.  Frances Adeline PRICE was born June 13, 1843 in Alabama.  Frances was 13 years old at the time of their marriage. She died in 1927 in Webster Parish, Louisiana at the age of 84.

Thomas (age 31) and Frances Adeline (age 16) had their first child, Mary Jane, born February 6, 1860.  Thomas and his family were living in Haynesville, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.  Thomas was a farmer with no real estate property.  (Thomas probably rented the land he farmed since this was common, paying the rent from what he farmed)

On August 17, 1861, their second child, Nancy Elizabeth was born and their first son, Reddick W. was born June 13, 1862.

Thomas served in the Confederate States Army from 1863 to 1865.  Thomas was wounded on May 21, 1863 at the Siege of Vicksburg.  He was captured at Vicksburg, Mississippi, July 4, 1863 and paroled at same place July 8, 1863.

On December 30, 1863, their fourth child, Thomas Marion was born.  Thomas was listed as absent from roll call, Company "C", 3rd Regiment Infantry and 2nd Texas Infantry at Enterprise, Mississippi on December 31, 1863.

Thomas appears on the Roll of Prisoners of War of Company B, 3rd Regiment Louisiana Infantry, Confederate States Army, commanded by Captain D. C. Morgan, surrendered at New Orleans, Louisiana, by General E. K. Smith, Confederate States Army, to Major General E. R. S. Canby, United States Army, May 26, 1865 and paroled at Monroe, Louisiana, June 9, 1865.

On March 20, 1868, Jesse Williams was born.  Jesse was the first child born to Thomas and Frances Adeline since his return from the war.  Thomas and Frances Adeline were living in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.

In 1870 Thomas (age 42) and Frances Adeline (age 27) along with their children, Mary Jane (10), Nancy Elizabeth (9), Reddick W. (8), Thomas Marion (7) and Jesse (2) were  living in Ward 3, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.  Thomas was a farmer.

Another daughter, whom Thomas and Frances Adeline named Lucinda was born January 20, 1871, followed by another son, James Henry, born September 24, 1872.  Thomas and Frances Adeline's last daughter, Emily Frances, was born November 17, 1876.

On April 27, 1883, Robert Lee was the final child born into the family.  Thomas was then 55 years old and Frances Adeline was 40 years old.

In 1900 Thomas was 72 years old, with his wife Frances, 59 years old and his son Robert 18 years old were living in Ward 1, Webster Parish, Louisiana. Also living in the household was his grand daughter Nancy Elizabeth, 16 years old.  Nancy Elizabeth was the daughter of Reddick, eldest son of Thomas and Frances Adeline.  Thomas was still a farmer but now owned the farm. Thomas and Frances have been married 43 years. Thomas still can not read or write.

Thomas filed a Soldiers Application for Pension on October 7, 1903.  On the application, he states he was serving with Col. Russell and Lt. Holt at date of discharge or parole. When asked to give a name or two of his comrades he replied, "One man named Bellow and Tabor, can't remember their given names. The fact is it has been so long and my mind is so feeble from old age that those days of the war seems like a dream."  Thomas signed the application with his "X".

After Thomas died, his widow Frances Adaline applied for a widows pension January 3, 1908.  Frances also signed her application for windows pension with her "X".

He was married to Frances Adeline PRICE (believed to be the daughter of George Washington PRICE I and Margaret or Martha FLETCHER) on Jan 16 1857 in Columbia County, Arkansas. Frances Adeline PRICE(1)(2)(photo) was born on Jun 13 1843 in Alabama. She died in 1927 in Webster Parish, Louisiana.  She lived with her son Robert Lee after the death of her husband, Thomas, until her death in 1927.

Family rumors about Frances Adeline Price are many.  Some say she was full blood Cherokee Indian, others say only half.  Another family rumor tells of Frances Adeline being found "wondering around" and taken in by the Price family to raise as their own daughter.  None of these rumors have been proved or disproved.  However, locating and documenting  any information about Frances Adeline  prior to her marriage to Thomas has been futile.

Thomas W. WILLIAMS and Frances Adeline PRICE had the following children:

child2 i. Mary Jane WILLIAMS was born on Feb 6 1860 in Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.  In 1880, Mary Jane, only 20 years old and living with her parents in Ward 1, Webster Parish, Louisiana died.  She was buried in Whitehall Cemetery, Claiborne Parish, Louisiana.

child+3 ii. Nancy Elizabeth WILLIAMS.
child+4 iii. Reddick W. WILLIAMS.
child+5 iv. Thomas Marion WILLIAMS.
child+6 v. Jesse WILLIAMS.
child+7 vi. Lucinda WILLIAMS.
child+8 vii. James Henry WILLIAMS.
child+9 viii. Emily Francis WILLIAMS.
child+10 ix. Robert Lee WILLIAMS.



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